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Main Programming Film

Visual programming
Sure it would've been great to have had these toys when I was a kid, but playing around with them in class totally makes up for it. The rovers have two touch sensors on the front and a light sensor wich we used to make them react properly to the various situations it may encounter. The end assignment was to get them to indipendantly drive through a simple course using Lego's visual programming language. Instead of typing out code, we just dragged and dropped colored blocks, wich represented basic functions, in a sequence (Like this).

Javascript programming
Below are some of the Javascripts I've written in an attempt to get my head around this language. To run a script, simply click any of the buttons below.

Below is a simple little memory game I thought up in order to practice some javascript programming. Quite a bit of adjustments made afterwards because of usefull feedback I got from several people who actually played it. Give it a try!

3d graphics are so over... ;-)

The succesfull completion of the game above sent me on a major programming spree, the result of wich you can see below. One inspired by a true classic.

Actionscript (Flash)
Actionscript is the programming language used in Flash and is very much like Javascript. Because of my previous javascript experience, Actionscript was very easy to get into.

After reading through a very basic tutorial on how to make a graphic move using Actionscript, I (a mathematical putz) actually managed to write quite a convincing physics simulation in wich all movement is procedurally generated. This means the ball behaves like it should in a potentially endless variaty of situations. The ball squashes and bounces acording to the speed at wich it comes down and the volume of the bounce sound is adjusted acordingly. The relative ease with wich I got this working, has me very excited about any kind of physics driven games I can come up with in the future.

Below is the result of the last assignment for this year. Meh... :-|