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Pirates Ahoy!
@rt!fact | y
Kirls Swirls
Liquid demo
Pentriix online
Morse coder

A relaxing thunderstorm flythrough, made for the 2011 Phenomenon Challenge on www.DBFinteractive.com. Started this 2 days before the deadline, did some minor tweaks afterwards.

Click & Relax!
DBF phenomenon challenge 2011
Yay, 3rd place is winz! =)

Ahoy mateys, today it be speak like a pirate day, to celebrate I be releasin' this fun little demo in honour of ye olde software pirates. Enjoy!

Shiver yer timbers!
Pirates Ahoy screen

Made another cool little demo for the DBF Image Processing challenge, it rebuilds a picture using various shapes. Change shape and size with the arrow keys, click to switch between text, image or webcam. Notice the cool sound FX when you move on webcam!

Click to see @rt!fact | y!
image processing screen
4th place! =(

Submitted 2 entries for the wireframe challenge at the DBF demoscene forums. One prerendered video entry and a procedural one, where the visuals are produced by code.

Click an image to see it in action!
wireframe screen1 wireframe screen2
Aw, no prizes this time. 5th place for both entries! =(

Made a fun little DEMOlition demo to enter in the Dark Bit Factory DESTRUCTION challenge. You can burn and shatter the dbf logo Breakout style and why stop the fun when the credits roll? There is a little easter egg in there as well, see if you can find it!

Try it here!
Destruction demo screen
Victorious! My entry was voted 1st!

I've been working on a sort of animated pattern generator, using a very simple algorithm it can create amazingly complex and beautiful patterns just by moving the mouse. It's extremely simple to use and yet surprisingly deep when exploring the infinite variety of patterns.

Click here to give it a whirl.
pattern image pattern image2 pattern image4 pattern image3 pattern image5

Click here to play my devilishly difficult one-button game: DevilS!

Released my 1st Mochi-ad flash game on teh intarwebz! Mochi-ads is a way to earn a tiny bit of income every time someone plays my game, they also provide worldwide leaderboards for extra competition. So what are you waiting for?

Make me rich by playing my game! =)

Submitted an entry for the liquid challenge over at the Dark Bit Factory & Gravity demoscene forums.

Try this demo here!

A winner is me, it was voted 1st place! =)

Uploaded a worldwide multiplayer Tetris game using only javascript. I integrated the Wiicade multiplayer API (developed by Jerason Banes) which makes it possible for browsers to communicate with other browsers.

Try it on Wiicade.com: Pentriix Online Multiplayer

The 4 player javascript snake game, which started as a sort of joke, turned into a full featured game with all kinds of bells and whistles. Highlights include:

- 1 to 4 players on Wii
- 3 different game modes
- Compete with up to 10 snakes
- Create and save custom levels
- Entirely procedural DHTML graphics
- Cross-browser

Try it here: Snakers

I made a 4 player snake game for the Nintendo Wii Opera browser.
Try it here: Multiplayer Snake.

Variation on the snake game, added a Cpu snake to compete with. Give it a try!
Battle snake

Updated snake game to make it work with the wii-mote's d-pad as well. :-)
Javascript Snake

I put up the online version of a Morse coder/decoder program I wrote for a school project. The the interface background was made by the other team member, she also created the actual box that held the circuit board, light sensor, speaker and LED. It was connected to a USB port on the computer and controlled by this Javascript. Check it out here.

After succesfully realising my idea for a very simple memory game (mainly for some Javascript practise), I went on sort of a programming spree. I actually managed to write a working javascript version of Snake, as well a simple tile flipping game. Check them out through the links below.

Random m3m0ry
Match Color
Javascript Snake

Finally something that looks like a webpage! After a couple of weekends of coding I finally have something that losely resembles my original sketches. I wanted something simple, functional and easy to navigate. This page is coded entirely by hand and should display correct in most, if not all browsers. Now it's just a matter of doing the other pages and validating the code, wich is sure to turn up a few syntax errors...

Long live teh internets! ;-)